It shouldn’t be a hassle to get a mortgage rate quote

iStock-000017972256XSmallI did a little experiment on Tuesday. One of my Seattle home buyers asked why there’s a difference between the rates I’ve provided and those you can find posted online. I explained to him that the rates posted online are often not available and typically those sites are used for “lead generation” purposes. When consumers enter their email addresses and phone numbers, they may start to feel very popular by being inundated with phone calls and emails by mortgage lenders. When someone fills out a form requesting mortgage information or a rate quote online, they are considered a “hot lead” and their contact info is worth money and may be sold and re-sold.

Despite this, I decided to try to see if I could get a rate quote from this site. After completing their online form, I received an email saying someone would call me…however, I put in a phooey phone number because I don’t want to be phone called by this (or other) lenders. I did leave my email address. It’s been a couple days and all I’ve received are generated emails but no rate quote. The most recent email expresses their wish to help me with my home purchase and says they need my phone number to do that. I didn’t ask them to help me with my home purchase, I asked for a rate quote.

So it appears that even though I provided this internet mortgage site plenty of information to provide me with a rate quote which would confirm whether or not their advertised low rate is legit or not, they’re not willing or able to do this without a phone number. In my opinion, that’s pretty pathetic. There are more factors for pricing out a mortgage interest rate than one may expect, however consumers should be able to get a written mortgage rate quote without being hassled by a mortgage originator.  

If I can provide you with a written rate quote for your home purchase or refinance for a home located anywhere in Washington state, where I’m licensed, please click here... I promise I won’t hassle you!

By the way, I did reply to the most recent email stating that I’m disappointed that I have yet to receive a rate quote since I completed their online form a couple days ago… if I get a response, or a quote, I will let you know!

Stay tuned!



  1. Hi Rhonda, I am surprised that you expected something different from your experiment. Almost all online quote providing services work exactly as you described: moving companies, car buying services, etc.
    Just for curiosity sake, was that company’s name rhyming with “Spending Spree”?

    • Hi Home Owner George,
      I actually did not expect anything different 🙂 nope…not that company… and (no surprise) I never did receive a rate quote even though I gave this company all the info they required EXCEPT my phone number.

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