National Pet Day

WARNING: this post has NOTHING to do with mortgages… unless you’re considering buying a new home with a large fenced yard for your puppy. 🙂

Today is National Pet Day so I thought I’d take a moment to share a couple photos of our family’s four legged furry kids, Rocko and Hitch. If we’re friends on Facebook, you’re probably already quite familiar with them.

Rocko is an American Bobtail. He’s been a part of our family for almost a year now and came to us as a kitten. He’s first playmate was Scupper, our flat coated retriever puppy who sadly passed away in October. Rocko and Scupper were BFF’s (best furry friends) and it was a lot of fun watching the the two of them play together.

Rocko has a great personality and loves to fetch and lay at your feet. I swear he seems more dog-like than a cat sometimes!


Hitch is a Flat Coated Retriever puppy who joined our family in late December. He’s one week away from being 4 months old and I’m guessing he weighs in at or near 40 pounds…he’s a big boy! He loves Rocko…his nickname is the “furminator” because he’s often walking around the house with tuffs of Rocko’s fur in his mouth. Thankfully Rocko has a thick coat and he’s finally starting to teach Hitch some lessons in how to respect a cat.


Now that I think about it… I think everyday is “National Pet Day” in the Porter home!


  1. To some of us, National Pet Day has everything to do with mortgages. I love apartment living. But owning a home allows me not only to have my own dog but to foster dogs for my local shelter.

    Heck, I’m so frugal I can’t think of anything but loving my dog that would convince me to go into debt to buy a house. 🙂

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