Seattle Real Estate Chat: Mold, Asbestos and Lead – Oh My! [Video]

This week’s episode of Seattle RE Chat featured a special guest, James Mallory, President of Environix. James shared a lot of important information about mold, asbestos and lead, all of which can be potentially be found in Seattle area homes.

Did you know that mold likes to start growing at temps of 60 degrees or lower? This is one reason why Seattle area home owners should consider leaving the heat on in vacant homes they have listed to sell (or any vacant home). Learn more about mold, asbestos and lead by watching our last episode in this video.

Seattle Real Estate Chat is a weekly show hosted by yours truly and Jim Reppond, Real Estate Broker from Coldwell Banker Danforth. You can catch us live every Tuesday at 10:00 am Seattle time via our Google Hangout or follow us on Twitter @SeattleREchat and #SeattleREchat. Every Tuesday, we discuss various topics that impact real estate in the greater Seattle area.

Join us this Tuesday, November 19, 2013 at 10:00 am!


  1. tomorrow’s episode of Seattle Real Estate Chat will be on what happens when there is a low appraisal.

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