Home Inspection Issues in Seattle #SeattleREChat

This episode of Seattle Real Estate Chat has a special featured guest to discuss home inspection issues in the greater Seattle area. Reid Guthrie is owner of The Home Detective.

Home inspections are not always required for a home buyer to have, however, I highly recommend one. Home buyers need to be aware that home inspections are done to protect their interest and help discover potential issues with the home. Appraisals don’t do this. Appraisals are essentially for the lender and to determine an appraised value for the home. Even homes that are “new construction” could probably use a home inspection.

In our current housing climate in the greater Seattle area, some home buyers are doing “pre-inspections”. A “pre-inspection” is done before an offer is presented so that a home buyer can present an offer to the seller without the inspection contingency with the hopes of making their offer more competitive.

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