Hope for HARP 3.0 and #MyRefi

2013-08-06_0653Today President Obama answered questions submitted by social media savvy Americans which was moderated by Zillow CEO, Spencer Rascoff. It seemed to me the most common questions were concerning HARP 3.0.  HARP 3.0 (Home Affordable Refinance Program) is currently a hypothetical expanded version of HARP 2.0 and would allow for more home owners, including those in Washington state, to refinance their homes at present low rates.

Nobody knows for certain what HARP 3.0 would include. Home owners who have been waiting for HARP 3.0 are probably hoping for:

  • the cut off date of June 1, 2009 to be removed or expanded. For HARP 2.0, a conventional mortgage must have been  securitized by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac prior to June 1, 2009. The securitization process takes place after closing and this is something that borrowers have no control over (when it happens).
  • program to be expanded to mortgages that are not securitized by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.
  • allowing “re-HARPing”. Re-HARPing would allow home owners who have already refinanced with the HARP program at a higher rate, to refinance again.

President Obama seems to be completely for HARP 3.0. During this event, he encouraged everyone who was watching, who wants HARP 3.0 to contacted their elected officials in Congress.

You can watch the event here (it may not be posted yet).

When and if HARP 3.0 does become available, I will be sure to post it here!


  1. John Lockleer says

    I am hopeful that HARP 3.0 can become a reality. I’ve taken your advice and wrote my congressional representative to request her support in making this a reality. I will continue to follow your site for updates.

  2. Robert Lewis says

    There is problems with the harp loans, nobody appears to know what they are doing. I would really like to recapture some of my losses on my loan.

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