Do you have a question for President Obama about housing?

Here’s your opportunity to ask President Obama your question related to housing, including mortgages. Are you wondering why we don’t have HARP 3.0 yet? Or perhaps why HUD does not allow an FHA streamline refi to a shorter term if it increases the payment (even if the borrowers qualify for the increased payment)? Maybe you’re wondering why would bank and credit union loan officers only be registered and held to the same standards as a licensed loan officer?

I’m often asked questions like these from my readers. This is your big chance to present your personal housing questions to President Obama.

Spencer Rascoff, Seattle resident and CEO of Zillow, will be moderating this event. You can submit your questions via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Vine and, if your question is selected, President Obama will address your housing question.

This event takes place Wednesday, August 7, 2013 at 10:00 am (Seattle time).

Here’s how to submit your questions to President Obama on housing:

NOTE: Video questions need to be 90 seconds or less.

I’m hoping he’s using this event as a platform to announce his #MyRefi program and/or expanded guidelines for HARP 3.0.

This virtual event will be streamed live via Zillow and the White House. This event will be following an announcement President Obama is planning to make today at 1:05 PT for what he is calling “a better bargain” for home ownership.

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  1. Marlene Jacques says

    President Obama why HARP 3.0 has not been a reality for homeowners like myself and why must FHA require homeowners to continue paying lenders mortgage insurance, even after reaching less than 80%?

    For almost 2 years I have been trying unsuccessfully to refinance to a lower interest. Meanwhile, I have been losing money through application, credit report fees, and oAppraisers who unfairly appraise my home for about $100,000. less than its market value. Consequently, I cannot refinance.

    I am not qualified for HARP 2.0 because my loan was acquired by FannieMae in July 2010. Also, is not underwater because originally, 80% of the loan was obtained through Fannie, 10% from the mortgage lender and we put 10% down. Thus a mortgage rate of 5.25 and 7% that we cannot refinance. With the MIP, refinancing through will not lower my monthly mortgage psyments. Please help!

    • Hi Marlene,
      Please visit one of the social media links above (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine or YouTube) to submit your question to President Obama.

      • Marlene Jacques says

        Hi Rhonda,

        I never do Twitter, Facebook, or any of that. My only means of electronic communication is via e-mail only. My apology.

        • No need to apologize, Marlene. Unfortunately, I don’t see that this event has an email option – it’s really geared towards the “social media” crowd. I will be watching this and let you know if anything results of this event.

          And… I bet your question, or one similar to yours, will be asked of President Obama.

  2. Hey Rhonda I am in the same boat as Marlene…. I do not tweet, no Facebook ect. As well my situation is similar to hers where I can not refi my house to save money with a lower rate. I don’t qualify for the HARP because Freddie or Fannie isn’t my investor, I do not qualify for the AG Program because Wells is my servicer but BOA is my investor. I have always paid my mortgage and I feel had I not then I would have gotten a loan to help me. Can you please post these responses for us ????? Oh I have a conventional loan so I can’t do FHA(nor would I want too these days with their changes), not a VET so no VA, not in an Eligible area for USDA etc. trust me I have explored options to no avail

  3. Marlene Jacques says

    Hi Tina,

    It seems that no matter how hard you and I try and how many opportunities available to those negatively impacted by this housing crisis, none has our names written on them Unfortunately! We even missed an opportunity to ask questions to the President.

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