Eight Down Payment Assistance Programs for Washington Home Buyers

2013-03-07_0746Did you know that the Washington State Housing Finance Commission offers 8 different down payment assistance programs for Washington state home buyers? It’s true! And some of them do not require you to be a first time home buyer.  The WSHFC down payment assistance programs listed below can be used with a Home Advantage first mortgage:

  • Home Advantage DPA: offers assistance based on 4% of the first mortgage at 0% interest with payments deferred for 30 years. This is probably the most popular dpa (down payment assistance) program that WSHFC offers. 
  • Home Advantage DPA: offers assistance up to $10,000 for borrowers who meet the income restrictions.
  • Home Advantage Rebound: eligible borrowers may receive up to $10,000 towards down payment for buying a home that is foreclosed or a short sale. NOTE: Out of funds.
  • The HomeChoice Program: eligible borrowers must have a qualifying disability or have a family member with a qualified disability living with them. Maximum DPA is $15,000.
  • House Key Schools: borrower must be an employee of an accredited or state recognized K-12, public or private school including community and technical schools. Max DPA is up to $10,000.
  • House Key Veterans: eligible borrowers are veterans who received an honorable discharge and include members and honorably discharged former members of the Washington national guard and reserve or never remarried spouses and dependent/children of deceased veterans. Max DPA is $10,000.
  • New Home for You: available to first time home buyers (or targeted area) meeting criteria and buying a never occupied new construction home. This program requires credit scores of 680 or higher. Max DPA is $10,000.
  • House Key Plus ARCH: first time home buyers must be purchasing a home in designated areas of east King County. Max DPA is up to $30,0000.
  • House Key Seattle: provides up to $45,000 in down payment assistance. Eligible borrowers must meet income limits and the maximum purchase price is $379,050 for a home within the Seattle city limits and income limits apply. This dpa has limited funds available.   NOTE: Out of funds.

To qualify for any of the down payment assistance programs offered through the Washington State Housing Finance Commission, buyers must attend a Commission sponsored Home Buyers Education Seminar. To attend one of the classes I’m teaching, click here.

As a Commission trained Loan Officer, I’m happy to help you with any of these programs which are available for owner occupied homes anywhere in Washington state.

EDITORS NOTE: Page updated on June 11, 2014 as Home Advantage Rebound ran out of funds and is no longer available.



  1. Can you do any of these in conjunction with the Fannie Mae Home Path program? Let me know. Thanks. AMG

    • Hi AMG, these down payment assistance programs are available in conjuction with a Fannie Mae Home Advantage first mortgage – not the Fannie Mae HomePath. With that said, you could always buy a Fannie Mae HomePath property using a Home Advantage first mortgage with one of the down payment assistance programs listed above.

  2. Looking on the Washington State Housing Finance Commission says the limit on House Key Seattle homes is $288k. Your article states that it is significantly higher. Can you address this discrepancy?

    • Jason, that’s an older post (2013) – it could be that the acquisition cost may have changed since this was published. The WSHFC is correct and will have the most current guidelines for their programs.

  3. I went through the homebuyers education class now I need to find a realtor to help do the down payment assistance program, I am on disabity and I can not get anyone to call me back, Who can talk to ? I already called that Karen person but she didn’t sound like she really wanted to help me, If any one knows some I can get a hold of let me know

    • Hi Chris, I’m happy to help you review your down payment assistance options. Typically the lender will discuss this portion with you and the real estate agent/realtor will help you with finding your home and navigating the transaction to closing. I will send you an email.


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