I’m going to have a painting on exhibit at Bumbershoot!

You may or may not know that I started painting earlier this year for a new hobby. Most of my paintings have been on black velvet. I was thrilled when I was asked by Marlow Harris if I would contribute an Elvis painting to the Elvistravaganza! exhibit at Seattle Center. 

My painting of Elvis getting ready to enjoy a peanut butter, bacon, banana sandwich is not quite finished yet. I just thought I’d share where I’m at with him right now. I’ll post an update when I’m finished with him.

This event takes place during Bumbershoot, Labor Day weekend, at the Seattle Center. Elvistravaganza celebrates the 50th anniversary of when Elvis filmed “It Happened at the Worlds Fair”.

Come check out the exhibit during Bumbershoot. You’ll find a whole lot of Elvis at the Seattle Center Pavilion. 

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