King County Assessor’s Office Adds Photos of Properties

The King County Tax Assessor’s office has recently added photos to your tax records–including historic photos if they’re available.  These photos are from a home I owned in South King County on North Lake (by Weyerhauser’s corporate office) from 1999 – 2005.  It’s pretty cool to see the home when it was a classic funky lake cabin back in October of 1967.

Where the camper and carport is in this photo was  my son’s bedroom and my office when I lived there years ago.  Below you can see they added a bedroom and my future office became the garage.


Here’s the now picture they have of this view (the lake is on the other side):


To see what photos King County has of your home (and it never hurts to review your tax records) visit this site: and find your property by entering your address or tax parcel number.  If you need help finding your tax parcel number for your home in King County, please contact me. 

Once you locate your property, click the “My Property Detail” tab and scroll down.  You should see more photos and floor plans, if they’re available. 

Note: the above photo is not from the county…just one from when we lived in the home.

No guarantee how the photos will be…but it’s fun checking them out and they’re free.  You may also be able to order photos from of your home from the Washington State archives if your home was built prior to 1930 which may have a better quality (not taken for tax purposes).

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