Where is the Best Hamburgers in Seattle?

IMG_5907 A conversation started on my Facebook profile over a review I did via Yelp on a West Seattle restaurant, Spring Hill.  We were drawn there because one of my husband’s co-workers insists the hamburgers there are amazing and worthy of their gourmet price.   He did like the burger, although prefers one you can eat with your hands (Spring Hill is kind of a knife and fork place).   

Jan suggested that we check out Zippy’s in White Center, which we’ve been meaning to do but we just haven’t.  However, when we were at the West Seattle Thriftway last night, I just happened to look at the coupons on the back of my receipt and there was coupon for Zippy’s.   We decided to check it out and cook our planned dinner we bought groceries for on another night.  

Zippy’s Giant Burger does not disappoint.  My husband and teens had the Zip Burger with Bacon and Cheese and I had the Lil Zip (of course with bacon and cheese).   This is a classic whole in the wall burger joint.  I wish we could have devoured them there but our kids were back at home and the place was packed!  I recommend calling in advance to place your order.  Parking can be an issue with the quicky mart next door aggressively protecting his few spots next to the popular Zippy’s.  Here’s my review on Yelp.

I’m really looking forward to Thursday where I’ll be joining David Gibbonsand others to start planning RE Barcamp Seattle 2010 (taking place in mid-March)…we’re going to Latona Pub to try what David claims is a fantastic burger.  I’ll be sure to report back!   My son claims that Jak’s in West Seattle may have the very best hamburger…so that’s gladly on my to do list to check out as well.

Who do you think makes the best hamburgers in Seattle?

UPDATE January 17, 2010:  We tried Porterhouse Pub in West Seattle last night (located by the Admiral Theater).  Hubby had their hamburger and is still raving about it.  

UPDATE April 2, 2012: I’ve had Latona Pub’s hamburger with bacon and blue cheese, twice now and it quite possibly be the best hamburger in Seattle. Hubby agrees!


  1. Well, you know who I am voting for.


  2. Update: I’ve had the bacon hamburger with blue cheese at Latona Pub twice now – quite possibly the best hamburger in Seattle!

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