Mortgage Master will be closing early tomorrow

I feel so fortunate to be working for a mortgage company that is flourishing during this historic times in the mortgage industry.  I credit part of our success to the fact that we leaned towards the conservative side during the "subprime boom years".   It was not unusual to have bank and wholesale lender reps to say to me, when pitching their products, "I can't believe your office isn't doing options ARMs; do you know how much money other LO's are making at other offices?"   Don't get me wrong, there can be scenarios where subprime or exotic mortgages may make sense–but to dish them out to consumers with the main purpose of padding your pockets is wrong.  I digress…and I may write a post about this topic later.

Mortgage Master Service Corporation is treating their employees to our annual Christmas – Holiday Party which will begin at around 11:30 am Friday, December 11, 2009.   Our office will reopen for business as usual on Monday, December 14, 2009.

Happy Holidays and thank you for your loyal continued support on behalf of everyone at Mortgage Master.

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