A Long Overdue Friday Funny

If you live in the Seattle area, you've most likely heard about the cougar that's been spotted in the Magnolia neighborhood…but did you know that this tricky feline has her own Twitter page?


She's been taunting trappers and posting pictures of recent tasty tidbits with Twitter updates.  I'm sure this will make the evening news…in fact this kitty is following local reporter Rebeca Stevenson who recently received a tweet from King 5 (competing station and her former employer) that the cougar is on the prowl:

RT @KING5Seattle: .@StevensonRebeca — watch out for @MagnoliaCougar! Red lipstick and cocktail in hand. 🙂

It's all good fun and has really given me a good chuckle today.  You can check out what the "SEEADDLE Kitteh" is up to by visiting www.twitter.com/magnoliacougar

WARNING:  This kitty does like to drop the f-bomb in tweets.

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