Wacky Weather in Seattle

This morning at woke up to huge snow flakes coming down pretty heavy in West Snow 004 Seattle.  I'm 99% sure that our pork butts are cursed…let me explain.  Last December, when my husband's co-workers were planning a Christmas pot-luck…he volunteered me to make pulled pork.  You know, the kind that's been smoking for hours and melts in your mouth.  This type of feast takes days to prepare…and we did.  Smoking it for about 10 hours on our Big Green Egg.  We were up in the wee hours in order to have the pork done in time for the festivities only to have that snow storm hit.  Our family had pork butt for breakfast, lunch and dinner!  You can check out the recipe (and my cooking blog) here.

Today, we're planning on having family over to celebrate my birthday.  We're making that same pork butt recipe on the BGE…and what do I wake up to?  SNOW!  I can see it's all ready turning to rain here and I hope elsewhere in King County where my family is driving from, it's safe and dry!  Snow in the middle of March? 

Next weekend, we're going to make pulled pork again.  This time it will be for my husband and his co-workers when they finish doing The Big Climb benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  The team from The Talon Group will climb 69 flights of stairs in the Columbia Tower to honor their co-worker, Dawn Appel who is battling leukemia.  To make a tax deductible donation, supporting the efforts of Dawn's Army click here.


  1. Happy Birthday Rhonda!!!!

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