Remember these?

First, a commercial from Washington Mutual…where even Paul can get a home loan thanks to their flexible underwriting. 

Then…don’t worry, you can sleep knowing you have AIG…I won’t miss this annoying kid…but I did enjoy the laughing baby ads.

Wachovia currently is dancing around in talks with various banks right now hoping for a merger.  I wish I could have found the ad where the lady was talking about making her option ARM and how she liked to make her deferred interest payment when her dog was having puppies!  All I could find was this promo on a "fixed rate mortgage with payment options for wiggle room".

For my puppy-fix, here’s one more from WaMU.


  1. Rhonda,

    These are almost too painful to watch – consider the nations current situation – I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  2. Shailesh, I just couldn’t call that post a “Friday Funny”.

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