JP and Gertrude’s Big Day


Today in Fremont amongst hundreds and hundreds of Patches Pals and politicians…JP  and Gertrude’s statue was unveiled to the delight of many.   Pat Cashman did a great job as the narator for this event.

The statue has all ready raised $78,000 for Childrens Hospital and will continue to do so when Pals make donations into the ICU2TV portion of the statue. 

There were so many fans there (most with red noses) that I was not able to get a great shot of the new statue…I plan on visiting again soon.

You can check out more photos from today by clicking here.  (Also included in this photo set are photos taken from when the original statue design was unveiled).


  1. I was there too! I looked for you, but there were just so many people!

    Here are some pictures I took:

  2. The Tim, thanks so much for sharing your JP pictures from today! You were at a much better vantage point than we were. What a crowd!

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