Remember Last Weekend?


Just a week ago, we were soaking in blue skies and warm sunny 70 plus degrees.  This photo is probably the last of my cherry blossoms.   It was so nice out that we move the last surviving plant (an Angel Trumpet) out of the garage and I pruned my roses. 

My husband and I decided to finally get rid of some shrubs that I was never a big fan of.  I have no idea what they are–except they have to be pruned back every year and they don’t bloom or change color.   I’m sure one of my readers will tell me these are terrific plants and I just didn’t show it the right love.  Alas, they’re gone now (we did keep one)!


Our home older and the garden is a little over crowded. We replaced the four "green shrubs" with a variegated hydrangea and two black lace elderberries. A week earlier Gardening with Cisco raved about black lace elderberries and so I was thrilled to find a few at our local nursery.   I’ll follow up with an "after" post assuming our new plants made it through our bizarre freezing weather this weekend. 

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