Happy 80th Birthday, JP Patches!

How perfect that not only is it Good People Day, that it also JP Patches 80th birthday.  If you’re a long time reader of Mortgage Porter, you know I’m a Patches Pal who has watched him since I was a tyke. 

Today’s article in the Seattle PI also announced that the Statue will be complete and unveiled in Fremont on August 17, 2008!  Donations are still needed and JP’s handsome mug will remain on my blog (right side of the page) until the fundraising is complete.

It looks like the statue has changed from what was previously unveiled…I wonder if it Jp1ststatue was the finger issue?  During the unveiling at Fremont last year, the statue featured waving hands of the duo and someone (can’t remember if it was JP, Gertrude or from the crowd) said…"wonder how long until someone breaks off the fingers leaving just one?" 

A tip of the hat to The Tim of Seattle Bubble.


  1. I thought I read somewhere that there was an issue with the original sculptor (Mark Jeffries) changing his price or something, so they had to go to a new sculptor (Kevin Pettelle) and naturally a whole new design (since the original sculptor owned the rights to his design).

    I can’t find any links to confirm that version of reality though, other than to verify that the sculptor has indeed changed from Jeffries to Pettelle.

  2. You should have seen The Mayor’s face fall when everyone realized how easy it would be to make those fingers say “you’re number 1”. 😉

    Thanks again for the tip, The Tim…I meant to read it earlier and my day was escaping me.

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