April’s YOU Magazine is Now Available

This month’s YOU Magazine is now available for your review.  YOU Magazine is one of the many tools that I subscribe to for my clients.  This month’s articles include:

Does The Fed Change Your Monthly Mortgage Payment?

Does the Fed Change Your Monthly Mortgage Payment?

The Federal Reserve has cut interest rates six straight times since September 2007. Most analysts are predicting that the Fed will cut rates even further when it meets at the end of this month. And yet, despite a full 3% in interest rate cuts during this time, mortgage rates are significantly higher now than they were just three months ago. How is that possible? Don’t rate cuts equal lower mortgage rates? Read on as the team at YOU Magazine goes behind the headlines to show you how these Fed cuts do and don’t affect your mortgage. 

Everything You Need to Know About 529 Plans

Accidental Landlords: A Great Unplanned Investment

Accidental Landlords: - A Great Unplanned Investment

Lower house prices and higher rents have created a new breed of real estate investor: the accidental landlord. Some bought new homes and couldn’t sell their old ones while others chose to invest in the changing market. Either way, being a landlord is more than just sitting back and collecting the rent. This month YOU Magazine takes a closer look at how being a successful landlord is no accident.

Just to name a few…

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