Please help my clients sell their Listing

They’re buying contingent and are having a difficult time getting their current residence sold.  (Wink wink).  Their agent promotes the property as:

Unique, west facing, mid-century modern waterfront home with lots of water views and private spaces. Many bedrooms, baths & kitchen. A must see!  Click here for the website.


Hat Tip to Lisa Wallace-Baker.  I needed a laugh today!   And no, this is not her listing.

On a more serious note, Friday’s rates are posted at Rain City Guide.  I’ll post rates here a little later as rates continue to be very volatile.


  1. Thanks for posting this! We have that picture up here at the office – my company performs relocation for Port of Seattle and is working with a lot of folks living in a mobile home park to the south of the airport. We love mobiles! I thought of it as the Mobile Home Tree House. The little Mini Loaf trailer is my favorite. Small is beautiful!

  2. Ha ha – great post! I saw this picture, too, although it was described as a “condo” when I saw it:)

  3. My teen thinks this would be great for our family to live in…with three teens…he could be right!

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