Mid-Week Humor: Ben Bernanke’s Twitter

Ben_bigger_2 I have to thank Todd Carpenter and Morgan Brown for pointing out Ben Bernanke’s Twitter.  Following Ben on his Twitter has provided me chuckles throughout the day.   My husband says this confirms I’m a nerd.   Twitter allows people to post short quirps (140 spaces) on what they’re doing at that moment. 

Some of Ben’s recent Twitter entries are:

It’s the question I get at parties: Will there be a surprise rate cut next week? Well, if I told you it wouldn’t be a surprise, now would it

Busy day, saving the world from itself by herding central bank cats. A saintly man like me can never sleep. But squash league tonight!

Pay no attention to the Fed chair behind the curtain. I should have been a magician!

Someone is having too much fun "being Ben".  To see Ben’s Twitter, click hereI’ve subscribed!

I "Twitter" too.  If you subscribe to my Twitter (by clicking "follow me"), you’ll get updates on various rate quotes I’m providing, breaking news that impact mortgages and perhaps some oddball details of what I’m currently doing.   My Twitter updates are posted on Mortgage Porter under the green Mortgage Market Guide button.

Here are some of my recent entries:

Mortgage rates improving: 30 year is back under 6% with 1 point.

preparing GFE for $285k sales price 690 score 30 yr: FHA 6.25% (APR 6.536%) and Flex100-LPMI 6.875% (APR 7.054%). Rates improving.

registering my husband for The Big Climb benefiting Leukemia. He’s doing this on my b’day… sponsor?

Do you Twitter?

BTW I do know that this is not the "real" Ben Bernanke! 

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