I’m a Cicerone!

Recently I was invited to write posts on The Mortgage Cicerone.   What the heck is a Cicerone?

Cicerone – cic•e•ro•ni (-nē)

A guide for sightseers or person who is eloquent in sharing knowledge.

I’m really excited about this because I’m often asked by fellow Mortgage Professionals for help or guideance with their mortgage practice. 

The Mortgage Cicerone consists of a team of Mortgage Professionals with various backgrounds, viewpoints and opinions…all combined…just may help the fellow Mortgage Professional out during these rocky times. 

Tony, thanks so much for the invite…I’m flattered and look forward to where the Cierone may guide me.

Check it out.


  1. Rhonda – You truly are the essence of what a “Cicerone” is. I’m so excited about you joining our group as we endeavor to help mortgage originators everywhere.

    You hit the head on the nail when you said we each offer and can provide different perspectives of our profession, but each from an ethical stanpoint.

    I have so much respect for you and that’s why I’m so excited about you joining our group of Cicerone’s.

  2. Tony, thanks again for inviting me. I often have fellow loan originators asking for help or marketing ideas–they’ve given me a lot of ideas of what to write about and you are providing a wonderful avenue for this.

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