A Welcome Diversion: Larry Cragun’s Magnificent 7


With all the turmoil and continued tightening in the mortgage industry…some days can  seem a little dreary.  I especially welcome Larry Cragun’s Magnificent 7 articles for a nice diversion.  Truth be told, I always look forward to seeing what article’s Larry is recommending at Real Estate Undressed (it’s too bad he doesn’t include HIS incredible consumer Cragunbug articles).   He’s crawls the web and finds excellent blogs that are new to me…and maybe new to you too!

For February 2008, I’m honored to have been recognized with my post: Bait and Switch Mortgage Advertisements

In addition to my post, Larry is recommending the following consumer focused articles:

Carol Williams of Carol’s Wenatchee – Not All Home Inspections are Created Equal

Dan Melson of Searchlight Crusade – How to Get Out of Prepayment Penalties

Dan Rafter of Property Crossroads – The worst of the predators: Going After the Elderly

Jennifer Kirby of Minneapolis Real Estate Blog – Home Owners Want to be Lied To

Jeremy Hart of NRVLiving – Real Estate. Simplified. – There is Blood in the Streets – What are You Going to Do?

Nigel Swaby of Salt Lake Real Estate Blog – FHA Wants to Help You Refinance

Take a break, check out these posts and be sure to thank Larry for his time and efforts in bringing these articles and blogs to our attention.

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