Happy 50th Anniversary JP Patches

Today marks the 50th Anniversary of when the JP Patches Show first aired in Seattle.  I began to watch JP and Gertrude as a tyke many years ago and still adore them to this day.  There is a public celebration to be held on Wednesday, February 13, 2008 in Des MoinesRead the Highlines Times for more information about JP (Chris Wedes) and the event.

2008 is a banner year for JP and Joanie as they celebrate 50-years of J.P. Patches in Seattle on Feb. 10, his 80th birthday in April and their 52nd wedding anniversary in May.

Physically challenged by a controllable blood cancer condition that requires dialysis three times a week, Wedes’ keen sense of humor and love of life remain the same.

And if he had it to do all over again, "would you be J.P. Patches one more time?" "Absolutely!"

What is also still taking place is fundraising to complete their statue.  If you’re a local Patches Pal, please consider donating to this great cause.  You can buy a Patches Pal Paver or simply send cash (they are both tax deductable).   Excess funds will benefit Childrens Hospital and I believe the JP’s statue will actually function as a piggy-bank where the contributions will also be donated to Childrens.   You just can’t go wrong!


If you love JP like I do, click his clown face on the right side of this blog and donate. Don’t be a Boris S. Wort be a Patches Pal! Photo from my 40th Birthday.

A Tip of the Hat to my MOM for giving me the heads up on the celebration for JP in Des Moines.

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