Friday Fun: My Encounter with Phil Smart

Last Saturday, my husband and I went to the 2008 Chinese New Year Gala Auction.  This was a benefit for cancer research at Children’s Hospital, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and UW Medicine.    It’s an amazing event which includes a Luly Yang run-way fashion show, live dancing, great food and wonderful people.

I’ve had the opportunity to see Phil Smart Sr. speak at many charitable events, including the New Teacher’s Breakfast I used to help organize when I volunteered for the Greater Renton Chamber of Commerce Community Development Committee.   He seems very genuine.   Back to my story…

The event was over and everyone was going for their coats and I noticed Phil Smart walking towards his wife and I pointed him out whispering to my friend, Julie, asking if she knew who he was.  His friend noticed I was watching and asked if we would like to meet Phil.  I was very honored to do so and to tell him how much I appreciate all he has done for our community.   He humbly replied that he’s lucky he receives all the attention he does, many others are just as charitable and do not receive the recognition.  I was thrilled.  Then when my husband and I were walking out of the Sheraton, we saw Mr. Smart and he gestured to us.  He told my husband, "I’m not a fisherman, however, she’s a keeper!"  Why yes I am!

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