Qualify a Loan Originator with this One Simple Question

How do you track mortgage rates?

If the person who will potentially helping you obtain a mortgage answers:

“I get rate sheets in the morning and later if they change during the day.”

Run!  Anyone who is gauging interest rates by when lenders issue new rate sheets is behind the marketThe rates have all ready adjusted.

“I watch CNBC (or something along those lines) and keep tabs on how the 10 Year Note is performing.”

Wrong again.  Mortgage interest rates are not based on the 10 year note.  However you will hear the media and other professionals incorrectly state this is what rates are based on.  If you or your loan originator are tracking the 10 year based on when to lock, it will cost you.

The correct answer:

“I keep a close eye on mortgage backed securities.  I am committed to my mortgage practice and this is why I subscribe to a service (such as Mortgage Market Guide) which allows me to do so.”

Now here’s my question for you:

If you are working with a Loan Originator who is not dedicated to their practice enough to subscribe to a service that allows them to track mortgage backed securities or (even worse) who does not know or care to track what influences mortgage rates: WHY?

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