Just for Fun…Jack Block Park in West Seattle

Today my husband and I stumbled upon a park that we probably have driven by at least 100 times!  Jack Block Park in West Seattle on Harbor Avenue.  It’s industrial meets Mother Nature with the shipping lanes and Elliott Bay.  Lately a pack of Sea Lions have hanging around too.   What a treat!   We also ventured into Harbor Island…more posts will follow.   Click here for more photos.





  1. Shhh! That is my private park! My Italian greyhound, Sophia, and I go there for quiet and peaceful walks, undisturbed by off-leash mean dogs and shrieking kids. The funny thing about it, really, tho, is that park came about as a result of penalties to Wyckoff Company and is on former land of that company. My dad was a chemist there in the 70s and in the 80s testified on behalf of the EPA against the company and all of their nasty pollution in Elliott Bay to get them shut down! I think some people even went to jail.

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