JP Patches Statue Update

Hello Fellow Patches Pals!Img_4824

As we all know, JP Patches will be celebrating his 50th anniversary of his television show that many of us in the Pacific Northwest watched as tikes to teens on February 10, 2008.   

There is also a statue that has been commissioned of JP and Gertrude that will eventually be in Fremont, the center of the known universe.   I believe the original plans were to unveil the statue on the 50th anniversary…I just received word from a Patches Pal that the big event (statue unveiling) is being pushed back to June.

Img_4820Meanwhile…Patches Pavers are still available!  Funds are still needed (to the tune of $70k) to complete this project and any excess will be donated to Children’s Hospital.    You simply can’t go wrong!   If you click on JP’s face on the right lower side this blog, you can order your custom paver today.  I will be keeping JP’s face on my blog to help raise funds until the statue is complete or the fundraising is done (which ever comes last).    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the fundraising done by JP’s anniversary on February 10th?

P.S.  Patches Pavers make wonderful Valentines Gifts!  Show some love for your favorite clown.

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