What to do with your turkey left overs?


Make a sandwich, soup or perhaps enchiladas…sit down, get comfy and read some great mortgage blog articles.  Here are a couple of recent posts that I highly recommend you check out:

HR 3915 – Getting Warmer by Matthew Graham of Mortgage News Daily

What Gas Stations Can Teach Us About Mortgage Brokerages – Part 1  by Russ of Smart Mortgage Advice

Prequalify Your Loan Officer By Asking: "Where Do Mortgage Rates Come From?" by Dan Green of the Mortgage Reports

Honor Among "Thieves" by Gina Gardner of Lenderama

But I Made My Payments by Mike Mueller of Mike’s Minute

7 Things That Have Changed in the Mortgage Industry by Larry Cragun of Real Estate Undressed



  1. Rhonda – I woke up this morning anxiously waiting the chance to make the first turkey sandwich. I sat down to read some of my favorite blogs and wow! There’s my post!
    Thanks so much for the mention!

  2. Mike, your post is full (dare I say stuffed) with important information. I was wondering if HELOCs would be pulled in from lenders trying to control their liability (outstanding credit)…voila!

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