ChaToe LaFeet’s First Wine Review

Just in time for a Friday funny…at least it’s cracking me up!  My brother-in-law, Mike, just published a review of the wine that my husband and I made and bottled earlier this year:  ChaToe LaFeet.   Here is our first official review:

This week I’ll review a new wine, ChaToe LaFeet, a 2007 Amarone from the upstart West Seattle Winery called Two Dogs Wine. First tasted at a small gathering in Burien we pared the wine with a superb turkey. Once shaken (not stirred) the wine spilled beautifully over a green table cloth. The red over green made for a festive backdrop. Although no tears were shed, eyes did water and noses crinkled while lips were puckered into a deep red foam.

After the first taste and subsequent falling onto our knees, hence the Two Dog all fours position, most of us recovered fully. My doctor advised me that my vision will soon return. Stumbling in the dark I spilled the wine on some olive oil and lettuce and discovered a tasty tart salad dressing. I’ll save that for a future article.

When my doctor came back with the chemical analysis he suggested that the wine may be better pared with a Volkswagon as either biofuel or E-85. However, as I pointed out to the doctor, this is a first tasting of this vintage and having no comparison the Porter family tasters bestowed a Bronze medal and expect great things from this new winery.

Be sure to pick up next weeks review-Spilled Milk/Thanksgiving Tears: 
A new Whine Territory?

Yours truely,
Vashon Vinters and Arsenic Tasters

Look out Gary Vanderchuk!

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