It Was The Last Straw

I was just over at the Seattle PI Real Estate Blog to check out their latest post and decided to update my profile for when I comment when I noticed a comment I had made on a post that Jillayne Schlicke had done which…lead me back to the very story that is responsible for pushing me into blogging.   

It was a story that Susannah Frame had done on a local mortgage broker who committed fraud to her fellow church members.   It just irked me to no end…on top of the injustice, the reporter for King 5 wrongly stated how all loan originators would be licensed.   A small detail to some…but not to someone who is classified as working for a mortgage broker and therefore actually licensed.  Those who work for mortgage companies that are banks, like Washington Mutual, Wells Fargo, Chase, Countrywide…etc… are not licensed nor are they held to the same standards by the State of Washington and DFI.   Anyhow…you can see this bugs me.

Just kind of amusing to stumble over what motivated me to take the plunge into the blogosphere hundreds of posts and not quite a year ago!


  1. Hey magnificent one, i think the link to the article on why you blog is broker… dang, i wanted to read it. lar

  2. Whoops! The link should be fixed now…thanks, Lar!

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