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I have another blog that I created to try to help real estate agents get on the blog-wagon.   I have found that many agents have not yet discovered blogging and since I’m fairly new to the blogging world, I thought I would share my experiences along the way in hopes of helping others.   There are many other great resources for real estate professionals who want to learn how to blog.   This is just my thoughts and ideas on real estate blogging. 

R TEAM is a group that I created back in 1992, when I was in title insurance, to help real estate agents in south King County to network together once a month.   We met once a month for breakfast and agents would talk about their buyers needs and listings.  We would also feature a guest speaker who would discuss a topic of current interest.   The synergy was great–I looked forward to our networkings each month.

R TEAM stands for

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Title Insurance
  • Escrow
  • And
  • Mortgage

At the time, I represented the title and escrow portion.  I would invite various mortgage reps each month to our group…until I became a mortgage rep and I opted to invite a title/escrow person instead!  🙂

My R TEAM blog is designed with the same intent in mind.  To help real estate agents with their business with marketing ideas and to provide them insight on what going on with the mortgage industry.   I hope to add a few guest authors as well…just as I had in my former network group (we dissolved last year).

If you are a real estate agent who is just beginning to blog or have considered it…I invite you to check it out:  www.mortgageporter.com/rteam

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