Friday Fun…Wine Reviews

If you love wine, then you must check out Wine Library TV.   Gary Vaynerchuk does hysterical reviews.   He’s serious and wants to "change the wine world" and he just may do it!   

In this episode, he is reviewing one of my favorite wines, Mollydooker.   The 2005 vintage was cult-like huge and highly rated by Robert Parker…the 2006 is what he’s reviewing here.

I wish he would have reviewed Boxer.  If you can find any and you like big fruit bombs wines…pick some up!   I understand that Esquinn and West Seattle Thriftway may have some (not on the shelf, you have to request it). 

The video is a crack up and his reviews are solid.   Fun and substance at the same time.   I enjoy him so much (and wine too) that I’ve added a link to his blog on the lower left side of Mortgage Porter.   


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