Diana Krall at Chateau Ste Michelle

Last night we went to see Diana Krall at Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery.  She was fantastic (of course).   What could be better than a nice bottle of chardonnay and crab cakes with chipolte sauce while listening to Diana’s smokey voice (not to mention her top notch band).

There may still be tickets available for tonight’s show.  You can check out Ticketmaster, Craigs List or eBay.

Dress warm and enjoy!


  1. Oh…I love the concerts at Chateau Ste Michelle! It’s been a few years since I have been, but the memories are wonderful! Your evening sounds like one to remember forever!

  2. Deborah, it was a lot of fun. She’s one of my favorite artist. This was our third concert at the winery and probably the most “structured”. It was kind of amusing. They even had a “potty police”. A guy was managing the honey bucket line and became a little upset when a “renagade line” began to form at the other end (in past concerts there, I recall there always being a line at each end of the porta-potties). He actually said loudly to our (approved) line, “there’s a renegade line forming at the other side, you must be agressive to get to your stall”. I just had to laugh!

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