Because it’s Friday: The Mollydooker Shake

The_boxer_2Last Friday, I told you about Mollydooker wines and apparently Sparky Marquis, CEO of Mollydooker and wine maker, reads The Mortgage Porter.  (Since he’s in Australia, what is more likely is that he has a "Google search" created for his wines).   

Sparky sent me a very friendly email about Gary Vanderchuk and my post:

"I was laughing at Gary’s videos when I saw them the other day.  Now he is extremely passionate. As he said when he was doing the videos he is a great friend of ours and has always been a huge supporter of our wines.  What I realised by the end of his video was that I had forgotten to teach him about the "Mollydooker Shake" which we found to be such a critical part of what we do that we have put it on our new website .  Gary said that he would be reviewing The Boxer (as well as the fall release wines, Enchanted Path, Carnival of Love and Velvet Glove) using the Mollydooker Shake, so we will be interesting to see what he says.  All of the Lefty Series wines will also be reviewed in The Wine Advocate at the end of August so it is going to be awesome to see the comparison."

My husband and I gave the Dooky Shake a try.   Earlier this week, we opened a 2006 Two Left Feet.   Doing the Dooky Shake made a huge improvement on the wine.   It’s incredible.  Before we were unsure about the 2006 Two Left Feet (compared to 2005)…now we’re thrilled. 

I do recommend finding Mollydooker before the Wine Advocate review.   Wine Spectator has rated the 2006 Boxer at 90 points.   Wine Advocates rating last year created an absolute frenzy over Two Left Feet and Boxer (at the $20 price point).

If you love Aussie fruit bombs…

  1. Find Mollydooker
  2. Do the Dooky Shake.
  3. Cheers!

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