Something fun on Friday

…and you just might want to do this if rates keep up their upward trend!   Last Friday, my husband, some friends and I went to Castle Bridge Winery where you can make your own wine!  007_7_3

Here’s a shot of our group mixing our fruit…and in just 20 days, we’ll be racking the wine off the lees and degassing the wine (something I’m sure my husband is a natural at).  The entire process will take about two months.    It was a lot of fun…my assignment is to design our label for our wine which is similar to an Amorone.   Castle Bridge has several different wines to chose from if a hearty red isn’t your cup of tea, or should I say, glass of wine! 


Castle Bridge Winery is located 2 blocks west of Ikea where Renton, Kent and Tukwila meet.   If you don’t want to go make your own wine, they do have a retail store as well.   I know we’re enjoying the process so far and hope to have our wine ready to bring over to the family for the holidays.    It’s not Quilceda Creek, Pride or Insignia…it is fun!

Watch for more post on our wine making adventures for something fun on Fridays.  Cheers!


  1. And I’ll bet your wine rivals Quilceda Creek!

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