Exactly 10 Years Ago Today

I was glaciating down Mount St. Helen’s with my future Husband!  He looks too happy at me being horrified, doesn’t he?


I just happened to glance up at my bulletin board in my home office and noticed my original permit to climb St. Helen’s dated 6-30-97.   It was kind of an odd feeling and that was quite an adventure for me.   

Rob was "in to" mountain climbing at the time and had actually reached the summit of Mt. Rainier.  I just had to see what the thrill was all about and let’s just say my happiest moment was getting off the mountain!  With that said, this is something that I’m really proud of doing…it’s amazing to look inside the crater (yes, I made it to the top).   The clouds were coming in by the time we submitted St. Helen’s…I was the last to reach the top and the first one down from our group.

Thank goodness Rob is now "in to" wines instead! 


  1. Great story! Time just seems to fly by, hard to believe it was 10 years ago. I’ve never posted to your blog before but read it all the time. Love your posts!

  2. D, thanks so much. I’m glad you enjoy Mortgage Porter. 🙂

  3. Funny picture. I have fond memories of eating snow, learning to ski, but I never had the itch to climb a mountain. Now, a good wine, I could get into. LOL!

  4. Cheers to that, Laurie!

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