Redpin on 16 Minutes…

I thought you might enjoy this spoof on the Redfin 60 Minutes interview from a few weeks ago.   The only piece this bit is missing is the 6% Agent…it’s funny regardless.

Hat tip to Larry Cragun of Real Estate Undressed for sharing this video.


  1. Ohhh…that was funny!

    It reminded me of a regular feature on SNL in the 70’s featuring Dan Ackroyd and ? who spoofed a “60 Minutes” regular feature called “Point – Counterpoint”. I will never forget the Shana Alexander character making a legitmate point and Dan Ackroyd’s “60 Minutes” character rebutting with: “Shana, you lousy slut….” and contining with some outrageous counterpoint!

    News stories are ripe for spoofing, thanks for passing this along!

  2. Thanks for the link. I actually missed the 60 minutessegment but really enjoyed this spoof.

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