How Did You Find Mortgage Porter?

One of the features of having a Typepad blog is that I can see what the input was for Google and various other search engines.   

Here’s a recent sample from today (in chronological order):

I like to read how viewers have discovered Mortgage Porter.   The search phrases are helpful as it shows me what is currently on people’s mind.  And provides me with ideas for future posts. 

There is a definite ethics theme with both lenders and consumers and there are general searches about mortgages.   I’ve added the links to the pages the visitors were referred to (there are a couple links I had to make an educated guess on).

I wish Typepad had a way to show what the most viewed pages are in Mortgage Porter’s history…I’ll have to send them an email!   Meanwhile…I’m just scanning the information as much as possible to get a glimpse of how people are finding this site.


  1. I’d have to agree with you on the ethics theme. With even the dumbest of people beginning to realize the wool that the subprime mortgage business has pulled over peoples’ eyes, America is beginning to take notice. Take even my own recent first mortgage for example: the moment I had the slightest inkling of distrust in my lender (and I’m not subprime or anything) I literally jumped ship and went with an upfront MB and signed a fee agreement from the get go. This made sense for me though; since I work in the finance industry and knew what my broker was selling me.

  2. Robert’s comment is interesting. My college buddy in Chicago called me today to ask if the loan he was refinancing had an “juice” in it (his literal word).

    That from an investment banker with an MBA.

  3. Juice? With or without pulp! I’ve never heard that term before, Brian.

    Robert, I thought I replied to your comment yesterday, but I don’t see it here. Congrats on your new blog,

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