My Surprise Party

They did it…my family and friends SURPRISED me on my birthday!  Not only did they throw a wonderful party…JP Patches, my childhood hero, was there.

I decided to take Friday off from work and blogging.  All I wanted to do (to my husband’s dismay) was stay at home and work in the garden.  Last Friday, it was beautiful out!  My sister in law tricked me into a pedicure at Southcenter and forced me to have a margarita and an appetizer with her at Bahama Breeze (hey, how come I’m not sensing any sympathy from my readers?).   I just wanted to get home and watch the sunset–relax!  Plus, my husband and son were going to treat me to a nice dinner.  NOT!!! 

I should also mention…I believe in my quarterly newsletter, I printed that JP was not doing public appearances any more.  This is not true. This was a story my husband had told me when we went to Fremont to see the unveiling of JP and Gertrude’s statue to trick me since he knew I’ve always wanted a JP Patches birthday party.   Please do hire JP and be sure to buy a Patches Paver to help fund his statue and support Children’s Hospital.


This was such a treat. Cheers to JP, my husband, family and friends.  Thank so much for making this a birthday I’ll never forget and will always cherish.   

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