The Importance of Good Signage

SkcarLast week, I sponsored Jillayne Schlicke’s class at the Seattle King County Association of Realtors on High Impact Blogs and Podcast.

I had a great time.  I thought I was just bringing in a few snacks for the hungry Realtors to keep their brains going during her course…little did I know she would call on me to help the class build their blogs.  It was fun.   What was not fun…was trying to find SKCAR’s office.   

I thought I had it all planned out.   The night before, I entered their address into the car I normally drive and the system mapped it all out.  Simple!   Except my husband decided to drive that car.  I entered the address again into our other car…and no luck!  Our Japenese navigation was fine, our Swedish nav–not!   No problem, I use to be in title insurance and I’m certain I can find their office.

It’s located off I-90 in Factoria–super easy from West Seattle, where I live.  I stopped off at the Factoria QFC for sandwhiches and drinks and proceed to where I think their office should be.   There is an office standing alone with what appears to be appartment buildings.   I don’t see any sign that says SKCAR or Realtor-anything.  The building has the logo above (I snapped the photo above with my Treo 650)…I thought it said IMI or 1001 building.   It just couldn’t be right.   So I do a u-turn and drive down 32nd SE in the oppositie direction until I realize this wasn’t right, either.

That’s when I pulled out my trusty old Treo 650 and hop on the internet to SKCAR’s website which has directions!   Come to find out, their office IS at the lone building I was originally at.   

Good thing I didn’t buy hot sandwhiches with all of my driving around!   Class was great and all is good (just a little more driving than necessary).

Hey SKCAR, how about some signage on the building (beyond the gold lettering on the glass front door)?


  1. That is so funny. What great story! Of course when you called me, I was teaching so my phone was turned off. The first time I went to that building, I was also questioning whether I was at the right building because it is surrounded by a church and apartment buildings. The other sides of the building front a park and a massive freeway. I had to march down the stairs with all my equipment before I figured out I was in the right place. I thought they purchased the building. Maybe a big, gigantic Realtor “R” is forthcoming…..slowly turning around in circles for all on the freeway to see.

  2. You know, it just dawned on me that I think there’s a reason they’re keeping that name “the IMI building” on the front.

    Last week when my students were busy working on a case study, I wandered the halls. That building has some historical significance to that part of South Bellevue. SKCAR has the building’s story pasted up and down one of their hallways.

    If that’s the case, directions could include: “We’re in the historic IMI building….etc.”

  3. I like the spinning R! So is it the IMI buidling or 1001? BTW Jillayne, I did really enjoy the class and opportunity to witness the future bloggers of America!

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