It’s My Birthday!

Da1_1It really is my birthday today.  And so… I am taking the day off… off of work and off far far away from the blogs.

I’m going to have my cake and eat it too!

And yes, that’s me!  At the old (um…maybe I shouldn’t say "old") Lake Washington Park in beautiful Renton, Washington (my home town).   

The building in the background is no longer there…once Boeing.   Now I believe there are some nice condo’s in it’s place.   

It looks like I’m trying to calculate an APR in my head!  Future Mortgage Planner.  I’m not sure how young I am in this photo… but I will count this as a "Happy Friday" post.

Cheers, Friends!


  1. Happy Birthday Rhonda – Hope you and family have wonderful Birthday weekend!

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