I’m an April Fool

Vows11This April Fools is my first anniversary with my husband, Rob.   We were married in St. Helena, California at Harvest Inn near Napa.   We were suppose to have an outdoor ceremony next to vineyards. However, due to rain (I guess it followed us) we were married indoors underneath an "exit" sign.   I was thankful Rob didn’t look up and read the sign.   He could have bolted for the door!

April Fools also marks my first day in the mortgage business.  I "retired" from fourteen years in title and escrow industry and began my mortgage career at Mortgage Master seven years ago.   I must admit, I was hesitant to become a Mortgage Planner.   In the title and escrow business, you typically spend an hour with the consumer towards the end of transaction when they’re signing.   Often times, the buyer or seller may be feeling pressure even under the most ideal transactions. Buying or selling a home is not something most people do everyday and there is a lot of money at stake. 

I also did not have the have the highest opinion of loan originators.   A majority of the borrowers that I would sign did not understand their loan program and would expect escrow to explain it (this needs to be done by the Loan Originator well before your signing loan documents).   

I have learned so much in these past seven years.   It’s incredible.   And of course, the industry continues to evolve and new programs and products emerge.   My father in law, Bob, is Chairman of Mortgage Master and retired in his young 70’s just a few years ago!   This is a wonderful career.  I’ve had the opportunity to help hundreds of families with buying homes, restructuring their mortgages and debts or financing their goals.   If I have my way, I’ll have my mortgage practice as long as Bob did (he still receives phone calls from clients).

I guess I take some pretty crazy leaps on the first day of April!   Maybe this year, I’ll try bungee jumping or sky diving?


  1. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Thanks, Greg. Congrats on your new addition!

  3. Rhonda

    Congratulations! Funny enough, I have had some of the same thoughts lately. My wife and I will be coming up to our 4th anniversary. And for our honeymoon we went to New Zealand and did many fun things. But the best: bungee jumping! And a year ago the bungee jump experience and my mortage career came together in a book that I just published. My first post to my blog relates how home buyers often feel that they are taking a bungee jump.

    It is a great industry to be in. Your blog is really relevant and helpful.


  4. Thanks, Richard. You would probably appreciate the debate we have going on over at Rain City Guide right now on shopping LOs. I’m amazed how caught up in rate consumers and real estate agents can be! Has your book been released yet?

  5. Rhonda:

    My book has been published. It will be available online through Amazon, Borders, etc. in a few weeks, but if anyone wants to preorder a copy they can do so by sending me an email. I would be happy to send you a copy. Love to hear your thoughts.

    Shopping LO’s is a topic that does drive me crazy. This is something I talk about in my book. Probably a great topic for a post.

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