JP and Gertrude Honored

Img_4824 Today in Fremont, Center of the Known Universe, JP Patches and Gertrude were honored with the unveiling of a statue to be completed by this date next year.  Today marks the 50th Anniversary of JP’s first television show aired in Seattle.    Patches Pavers are being sold in order to raise funds for the creation of the statue which will be bronze and at the entry of Fremont Bridge featuring JP, Gertrude and ICU2TV which will be a piggy-bank for donations towards Children’s Hospital.

In addition, Tully’s will contribute 25% of their revenue for beverages purchased on June 4, 2007 towards the statue and Children’s Hospital.   I’ll post a reminder when we’re closer to that date and when there’s more information available.   

In this picture, I had just given JP a bottle of wine (2005 Mollydooker Two Left Feet) as a gift since we had hired him to perform our wedding ceremony on April Fools last year but had a change of plans since we eloped.   If you would like to see more photos from today’s event, click here.    Below is the video of him accepting the gift, claiming the wine to be "cough syrup" for his cold. 

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