The Blog Made Me Do It

My brother in law, and Vice President of Mortgage Master, the company I hang my hat at, sent me an email after reading the Inman News article that Mortgage Porter was mentioned in:

"I have made an appointment with a psychiatrist for you.  He has a new ward for bloggers who are out of control (2 hours of blogging a day)….I’ve ordered the blogger police control of Seattle to cut off your access to the internet and take your Blackberry and cell phone away for your family’s sake. 

Your Very Concerned Relative."

Too funny!  I do want to clarify something…the two hours a day on blogging is an estimate of time.  And most of the time is spent during the wee hours in the morning.   During the day, time permitting since I do have a "real job", I try to answer comments from readers as quickly as Dsc_0434_1possible.   

In the evening, I’ll revisit my blogs again…usually when I’m trying to make dinner.    Pictured here is a burned jo-jo from just the other night.   Guess maybe I should not blog and cook at the same time! 

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