Mortgage Porter is in the Spotlight

Mpj039591600001_1Talk about a Happy Friday post!   Last week, I was interviewed by Matt Carter of Inman News,  an internet Granddaddy of real estate and consumer news, about blogging and my articles for Mortgage Porter and Rain City Guide.  This is big time press, to say the least.   

Here is my 15 minutes (or seconds?) of fame (you’re going to love the title):  Mortgages are not sexy party conversation.  In this post, Mortgage Porter is included with many great real estate blog leaders. 

As if this wasn’t enough to qualify for a Happy Friday post, fellow CMPS, Dan Green gave Mortgage Porter a very nice nod in his highly respected blog, The Mortgage Reports.

I think I’m going to go pinch myself now!   


  1. Thanks, Rhonda!

    BTW, does Matt know you called him a “granddaddy”? 😉

  2. Woops…I actually meant Inman…I’m sure Matt is a young pup!

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