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Try saying that 3 times fast!  I’m preparing for my presenation at the Greater Eastside Escrow Association on Thursday on Loan Originator Licensing.   I’m going to feel a little like the wolf in front of the hen house…although I’ll be out numbered!  It’s actually all good.   I have a background in title and escrow in my past life before I was a lender.   Since I’m working on assembling a list to hand out to the Escrow Officers, I thought it might be more convenient to post the website regarding licensing here. 

Mortgage Broker Practices Act

Mortgage Broker Practices Act Rules

Washington State’s Broker and Loan Originator Licensing Law Chpt. 208-660 WAC

DFI’s List of Licensed Loan Originators (this is very backlogged…I’m not on it yet and I should be.  So please don’t assume that because a LO’s name is not on the list that they didn’t pass the background check).

WAMB’s LO Licensing info

Seattle Time’s Article

Rain City Guide blog that I authored, Licensed to Loan

Ethical Lending Foundation — offers clock hour approved courses for loan origintors.

I’m sure there’s more information available…this is just a quick place to start!  If you have suggestions for other links I should post here, please comment and let me know.


  1. Next I propose you get the 30 states without loan officer licensing to wake up. Lar

  2. It’s my understanding that a national level of regulation/licensing is in the works… no where to run or hide now… at least, not if you’re a broker!

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