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You have the right to access your own credit report once a year from the three main credit bureaus; Eurohawk_4 Experian, Equifax and TransUnion at  You probably have noticed the many different commercials on TV promoting this from various other sites.   Since it’s been a while since I’ve accessed my report from this site and because I’m promoting in my upcoming quarterly newsletter for clients to access their credit, I decided to do so this morning.   

Currently, I publish and mail my newsletter three times annually.   As a person can access their credit report from each bureau once annually, and there are three bureaus…I thought I should use my newsletter as a reminder for my readers to review their credit when they receive the newsletter.   In my upcoming issue, I’m encouraging people to access their Experian report.   In the following newsletter, a few months later, I’ll remind them to pull their credit from either TransUnion or Equifax (you get the idea). 

After answering a few security questions, you will have access to what is being reported as potentially negative, what is positive and who is requesting your credit information.  What you won’t find on the “free” report is your credit score.  The bureau wants you to spend an extra $5.95 for that AND they would also like you to sign up for their credit watch programs.   

One of the services I provide my clients is an Annual Review, which includes their current mortgage and financial plans along with a review of their tri-merge credit report which includes the 3 credit scores.  I still advise everyone to take advantage of the free report to keep tabs of your credit throughout the year.   

Oh…and before I forget…GO HAWKS!!!

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