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  1. Theresa
    Oct 27 - 2:28 pm

    can you help me? I need some direction. I bought a home a year ago in June 16 months to be exact. I had a realitor and there was a realitor for the seller. I used a bank that is not selling my loan and I went through a special program through the city.So 4 parties involved here. The MLS sheet on my home had taxes listed at 2350.00 homestead per year. I just received an escrow statement saying I owe an additional 935.00 and that my payment was jumping from 818.18 to 1050.00 starting in December. I qualified for this program based on my income to pay the 818.00 now I will have to sign up for food stamps to feed my daughter and I in order to pay this higher mortgage. I cant believe that no one checked the taxes on this home. I feel deceived and betrayed and that my decision to purchase the home was stripped from me.Through my on line search, im finding this to be a common fraud horror. I aslo spoke to the city assessors office who said we get calls like this every day!!! Do I have the right to sue for failure to disclose correct information ??

    • Rhonda Porter
      Nov 05 - 8:40 am

      Theresa, property taxes change and adjust typically annually. In King County, we receive statements from the county with how much the assessed value has changed. The value for the property and/or the improvements (the home) may go up or down. How much we pay in property taxes will depend on what the value of the home is. Levies or new legislation that has been passed and paid for based on the assessed value of your home will also impact how expensive the property taxes are.

      Your home owners insurance premium may also adjust. The only items that are “fixed” in your payment is the principal and interest portion. Your private mortgage insurance may reduce and/or eventually drop off your payment.

      Good luck!

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