Mechanics Liens and Title Insurance Owner’s Policies

Did you know that it’s no longer standard practice for the Additional Protection Endorsement to be included on an Owners Policy?  This endorsement protects buyers from mechanics liens.  A mechanics lien can pop up for a certain period after closing when labor has been performed or materials delivered. 

I actually received several mechanics liens on one of my new construction homes in Federal Way when the builder did not pay all of his subcontractors.  Because I had this endorsement (which at that time was, for the most part, issued automatically) the title company protected me from the liens; determining which ones were valid and paying them.  I believe they bought my shower doors! 

This video is full of important information about mechanics liens and what home buyers in Washington need to be aware of, especically if they’re buying acerage or waterfront property.  The Talon Group’s Chief Title Officer Tim Daniels, provides some excellent advice for consumers and industry professionals…it’s simply too good not to share!