The S Word in Seattle is SNOW

In Seattle, the “s word” is SNOW and it looks like we’re in for a pile of it with this current system.

Seattle snow from 2014.

As pretty as snow is, once we’re all safely tucked away at home, it can cause issues with real estate transactions closing on time.

Snow causes employees to leave early and some offices to close. A major title and escrow company closed their offices at 3:00 p.m. today because of the pending snow storm.

Snow and ice on our hilly streets can make driving to a signing appointment challenging for the buyer, seller/home owner or even a mobile notary.

Bottom line, some transactions that are set to close over the next few days with our Seattle Snowapolusa may experience delayed closings due to the snow despite the efforts of everyone to close on time.

Snow happens.

So what if your transaction is delayed due to Mother Nature? If your purchase and sales agreement is expiring, your real estate agents will need to negotiate an extension. If your mortgage rate lock commitment is expiring, you might need an extension.

Bottom line, if you have a real estate closing coming up this next week, you may want to check with your real estate professionals to talk about the “what if’s” with our current winter forecast.

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